Simple and powerful error monitoring
for Laravel applications

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Catch bugs as they happen

Install the watcher

A 30 second installation with composer and a single line added to your .env is all that's needed to get Larahawk listening on your application.

Get notified

Get alerted via Slack, email, text message, or custom webhook of your choice whenever an event on your app has been triggered.

Investigate and fix

With each event thrown, we capture a wide range of information from both user and app to help you get to the root of the issue.

Intuitive dashboard

Each screen has been designed to be as minimal and data-oriented as possible, leaving little in the way of unnecessary clutter. This gives you the ability to navigate back and forth through your properties, events, settings, and notifications with ease.

As soon as you log in you're presented with an overview of every app that you're currently monitoring, and a graph showing their latest events from the past two weeks.

Detailed reporting

Each error, warning, or notice that's thrown in your application is logged in Larahawk as an event with all of the details captured at the time it occurred. You're able to view the route, device information, authenticated user ID or email, and full stack trace.

Notifications are sent out via Slack, email, sms, or custom webhook as soon as an event has been recorded. Using the provided link in the notification, you can begin investigating within seconds.

Painless installation

These four lines are all that's required to get your application logging to Larahawk. Our lightweight watcher package listens for any items logged by Laravel and sends them asynchronously to our servers, limiting the impact on your application's response time as much as possible.

$5 per app, per month

Generous data retention

Each app has a limit of 100,000 entries or 90 days, whichever comes first. Hitting the entry limit will remove the oldest one automatically.

Features for all

Currently there are no separate tiers for Larahawk. Every user has access to the same suite of features and priority support.

Cancel anytime

You can choose to cancel your account at any point in time, the remaining balance for your billing cycle will be refunded back to you.

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